Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Having LDC driving lessons in Slough with Salim Syed
The LDC system has been very helpful and made driving a lot less stressful but also a lot more independent. The videos make the lesson more effective as it gives you a vague idea of what you will be doing, and how you should do it. My instructor has made my driving experience a very positive, constructive one, due to his constant encouragement for me to identify improvements and weaknesses myself. This has also given me confidence on the road as I feel very much in control of my own driving, because I've learnt to recognize and learn from mistakes rather than waited to be prompted on them. My instructor has also planned all of my lessons so that they are all challenging and enjoyable without being overwhelming and stressful. This has helped me become a much safer driver.

Mihail MacariMihail Macari
Passed 1st time after 2 week semi-intensive training with Salim Syed
My opinion about the driving instructor with who I learned the driving classes remained as good as in the first place. The main qualities of his are his punctuality, patience and his will to gain as much experience in traffic as possible. He proved to me that he is serious (about his teaching) and made me more secure of myself and the practices that i've learned. With the help of the LDC videos and book (LDC System) that he suggested to me, I understood that he is a devoted instructor who always gives his best interest for his students. He is a clam person and explicit (concise and simple with instructions) and that help me to understand.